“So Oder So” or either way by Nils Holger Moormann

(smow) Australia is proud to introduce to Australia So Oder So, a simple and clever shelving system designed by Daniel Kern for the award winning German designer and manufacturing company Nils Holger Moormann. SO ODER SO_Sb 170 Bild  (©Jäger & Jäger) (533x800)

So Oder So translates from German into English as “either way”. It takes the concept of the least amount of sizes to give the greatest amount of efficient and usable options. It comes in 3 heights, two widths and one depth but these sizes can connect to create multiple shelving units in many ways.

SO ODER SO_Detail1 (©Jäger & Jäger) (533x800)Constructed of steel powder coated anthracite, with options of untreated ash and oiled walnut. Like many of Moormann products, its intelligent design allows easy and quick assembly and disassembly with a clever little tool, supplied with each unit, to produce an elegant and robust shelving system.

The ever quirky Moorman design team has named So Oder So after a song by the famous German chartreuse Brigitte Horney, which is translated below, with a slight adaptation!

So Oder SoSO ODER SO_zwei hoch (©Jäger & Jäger) (533x800)

This way or that this furniture,
this way or that it’s good.
Life is like the sea,
never-ending low and high tide.
You have to decide,
how you want to live,
that’s all that matters,
and if you suffer,
then don’t complain,
but make a change.


So Oder So is available from www.smow.com.au  for more info contact alan@smow.com.au or on 0419 273 258

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