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nilsHolgerMoormannLogoNils Holger Moormann

Nils Holger Moormann is a self-taught designer and furniture maker. An eccentric with an off-beat sense of humour and great wit, not quite the image we have of the typical German designer!

He first started working in the furniture industry in 1982 and ten years later he set up his own company. Since then the company has grown to just 20 employees, with the production done by specialist local cabinetmakers and craftsman.

The products are not about mass production but about products that are well-considered, and beautifully detailed honouring the designers, the materials, the people who manufacture the products and the eventual owners.


LampertRichard Lampert

Founded in 1993 and based in Stuttgart, Lampert’s goal is of industrial production combined with quality craftsmanship and design standards, in line with environmental sustainability. They have a motto for their products, “as little as possible, as much as necessary”.

Lampert have the rights to manufacture products by some of the most well know 20th Century German designers, Egon Eiermann and Herbert Hirsch and also new up and coming designers such as Alexander Seifried and Eric Degenhardt. 



LoCa are a Danish company established in 1994, a small company of just 10 employees. But they employed one of Denmark’s best design companies, Harriet & Sorensen to provide strategic consulting and design management. This consulting has led LoCa to be successful in their furniture niche of coat racks, hangers and hat racks.


Jonas and JonasJonas and Jonas

The young Bavarian furniture company Jonas & Jonas, works with emerging designers who have fresh, clear ideas.

With designers such as Markus Honka they have used their understanding of advanced manufacturing techniques to creating unique innovative products such as the Wallflower furniture system.

All Jonas & Jonas products have been developed for interesting market niches. They allow individuals to fulfil their demands and wishes concerning furniture for private and commercial interior design. Preliminary designs have to pass their personal “real-life” test and that they would also enjoy living with, resulting in the final Jonas & Jonas products. Despite being a young business, their innovations are based on substantial experience within the furniture market. They combine tradition, local characteristics, and an intense engagement with trends and developments on the furniture market to create their products.



Are manufacturers of traditional upholstered furniture, they have a passion for their heritage products and have set themselves the task of being inspired by the continuously developing forms and the fine finishing details of their upholstered furniture. They have created relationships with new up and coming designers in Germany.  One design group being “three point four” led by Martin Büdel, Wolfgang Kreser and Achim Hack, founded in 1996  they created the ingenious folding “Falter”  stool.



It is people with vision who breathe life into a company and make its products come alive. Their personal touch, distinctive style and, above all, quality make it all possible. At Wilde + Spieth, this has been the goal and the result of our product design and product development for decades. The W+S Classic Collection by Egon Eiermann continues to inspire its fans today just as it did years ago. While it conforms to modern requirements, it has not lost any of its original personality. Its many different products, accessories, frame and material colours, types of wood, and stain colours help you to design your own classic.



SACKit is a Danish design company with a strong attention to detail and a no-compromise approach when it comes to design and quality. All our products are unique because we are curious and focus on needs and products that can meet them!