Iconic Australian Houses Part 1

Is an exhibition that has just opened at the Museum of Sydney, the exhibition is curated by and based on two books, Iconic Australian Houses 50/60/70 and 70/80/90 by Karen McCartney. Karen has written for the British, ‘Elle Decoration’ and ‘Financial Times’ and edited Marie Claire, ‘Lifestlye’ before become founding editor for Australian interiors magazine ‘Inside […]

Long vehicle

We stretched the Klopstock tabletop. A custom-made table appeared which can be called “long vehicle” without any doubt, stretching over a length of 4,10m.  

A piece of Moormann history

The very reluctant zinc-yellow fair piece from the TDC ‘design annual’ back in 2006 has been sold by auction a couple of years ago. It was bought by smow. On the spring round tour of the galleries at the area of the spinning mill in Leipzig at the beginning of May 2013, smow deployed pure […]


Lay down! You really would like to lie down instantly, abandon yourself to idleness, and let it steal your day! However, you shouldn’t oversleep the bed has a lot more to offer as you would expect on first glance. At first you can assemble it the old Moormann-style – without any tools and it is just […]


Allrounder A table is a table, is a table! Really-No! Klopstock can do what hardly any other table can do. A sophisticated click and snap system enables Klopstock’s legs to be positioned in 12 different symmetrical (and some more non-symmetrical) arrangements, suitable for any desired position of chairs and table heights – or – for […]