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So oder So individual

So oder So individual


This way or that this furniture, this way or that it’s good. Life is like the sea, never-ending low and high tide. You have to decide, how you want to live, that’s all that matters, and if you suffer, then don’t complain, but make a change. (Adapted from Brigitte Horney)

Modular shelf system. Can be extended in width at any time. Can be combined with diverse heights. Can be levelled using the adjustable feet. Can be used as a room partition / rear walls can be used at the front or rear.

  • Shelving system
  • Profile, back, side-panel in steel powder-coated anthracite
  • Shelf board in steel powder-coated anthracite and ash untreated
  • Cross-brace in steel powder-coated anthracite, ash untreated, and walnut oiled
  • Book ends ash untreated, magnetic
  • Dimensions: h 92.0/214.5/296.0 cm x d 31.1 cm x w 38.2/84.8 cm (+ 0.8 complete shelf)
  • Compartment heights: 11.3/24.9/38.5/52.1
  • Compartment widths: 33.7/80.3 cm
  • Back panel: h 24.9/38.5 cm and w 80.3/33.7 cm
  • Side panel: h 24.9/38.5 cm and w 31.1 cm
  • As a rule we recommend to fix the shelf system (height 214.5 and 296.0) to the wall or the ceiling
  • Please contact us to design your own unit


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