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The curved wooden chair from Egon Eiermann. A work of art on three legs. The idea of achieving the minimum possible bending radius for its plastic shaping was followed by a very long development process during which Eiermann repeatedly reached and even exceeded the limits of what is possible. In their very different and distinctive forms, the seat and back were intended to be individually adapted to the human shape, yet at the same time be perfectly harmonised with each other.

The fact that he transferred the resulting designs to many of his projects that followed, shows how satisfied he finally was with the outcome.


  • Measurements: 58cm (width) | 78 cm (total height) | 51 cm (depth) | 46cm (sitting height)
  • Weight: 5kg
  • 3-leg form ply in beech wood, natural or black
  • Seat and back in molded beech plywood veneer natural or black (special stains on request)


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