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Neuland, Paster & Geldmacher


Neuland, Paster & Geldmacher

Eva Paster (* July 1971) and Michael Geldmacher (*November 1968) met each other while studying design at the academy in Munich. Both being fascinated by the thoughts of each other, they started collaborating in 1997 as “Neuland Industriedesign”. The entitlement of the studio name is associated by the designers to socio-cultural observation of their projects: “products are always an expression of the attitude towards life. A social change of merits demands new formulations of products. Generally such a conversion refers to a new evaluation of functions, as well as the search of a contemporary aesthetical expression.

Eva and Michael answer the standard question of trends in the future their own way: transferring things that got stuck in the past to the present.

Class of business: 1997 to 2002: classic industrial design (medical technology, outdoor products, games, cosmetics), furniture.
Since 2002: furniture clients: Nils Holger Moormann, Interlübke, MDF Italia, Kristalia, Pallucco, Serien
Additional business: Eva and Michael are associate professors at the academy in Munich.


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